IBC Service Network was founded in 1996 in Yekaterinburg. Having had a successful start in the Ural capital, the group of companies has been rapidly expanding to other territories of Russia and has developed a federal network, strengthening its positions in the Central part of Russia, as well as in the South, the far East and Siberia.

Currently, the group's offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. The IBC Service Network consists of three companies providing a full set of services within one of the fields:

  • IBC Corporate Travel - business travel and events management 
  • IBC Human Resources - recruitment and staff evaluation
  • IBC Business Education - corporate trainings organization

To be continued...


IBC Service Network implements innovations. Following market trends, on April 12, Raketa goes on a "free flight" and becomes a neutral online booking tool for corporate clients.
In the first year of its existence as a standalone product, Raketa becomes the best online booking tool according to BBT Awards
IBC Human Resources develops a special offer for customers "Unique candidate" giving to employers the opportunity to fill the positions quickly and at a great discount.
Another new operations area: MICE.space becomes a standalone product and creates cloud and boxed versions.


IBC Corporate Travel launches MICE.space – a fast, transparent and easy online tool to organize events of any scale
IBC Corporate Travel once again garnered the title of the best company in the field of MICE, becoming the winner of Russian Business Travel & MICE Award 2017 in the category "Best conference organizer in Russia". "MICE".space for its part was one of the top three nominees for "the Best online product in the field of MICE and business travel"
IBC Human Resources is the first recruitment agency that created a personal account for its clients, combining the traditional offline headhunting technologies and exclusive online search


IBC Corporate Travel wins the award for "Best business travel Agency" of BBT Awards and received the main prize for innovations and creative concepts in business events at the MICE-Awards
IBC Service Network celebrates its 20th anniversary
IBC Corporate Travel launches rocket in your pocket - a mobile application for business travelers, available on the AppStore and in GooglePlay


IBC Corporate Travel launches online visa service

IBC Human Resources launches its own CRM system, which helps to accelerate the recruitment process

The Executive Director of the IBC Human Resources Kseniya Protsenko becomes the head of the Association of Recruiting Agencies of the Urals (ARAU)

The trips and events management center "Raketa" becomes "The Best online booking system for business travelers". It also wins the contest for Internet Projects in the Novosibirsk region, which was held by the Novosibirsk chamber of commerce and industry (NCCI)


IBC Corporate Travel wins the title as "The most dynamic business-travel agency" according to MICE-Awards

The MGE Department of IBC Corporate Travel St. Petersburg is honored with special gratitude of the Committee for Reforms Support of the President of Russia


IBC Service Network continues to grow: it opens offices in St. Petersburg
IBC Service Network opens offices in the very neighborhood with Sochi – in Krasnodar city
IBC Corporate Travel becomes
"The Best conference organizer in Russia"


IBC Corporate Travel becomes "The Best conference organizer in Russia"
IBC Human Resources opens offices in Moscow
IBC Human Resources is among the top three Russian recruitment agencies


Launch of "Raketa" - IBC Corporate Travel's own online booking tool to provide all types of travel services for corporate clients


IBC Service Network successfully enters the Capital market by opening a full-fledged office in Moscow. By that IBC CT gets the status of Federal group of companies
IBC Corporate Travel gets the status of an authorized partner in Russia of the largest international player in the field of corporate travel management Hogg Robinson Group (HRG)


IBC Human Resources joins the Association of Recruitment Agencies of the Urals (ARAU). Director of the recruitment agency IBC Human Resources Larisa Bogdanova becomes President of ARAU
IBC Business Education enters the market of business education in Novosibirsk
IBC Human Resources for the first time finds itself amongst the top 3 recruitment agencies of Yekaterinburg, according to the rating of the "Delovoi Kvartal" journal. The company holds that position until 2014


Conquest of the Far Eastern frontier of Russia - opening of IBC Service Network office in Vladivostok
IBC Human Resources runs the service of staff evaluation through "The Mystery Shopper" method
IBC Human Resources opens offices in Perm


Beginning of development of the Federal IBC Service Network: opening of offices in Novosibirsk
The company is growing continuously: opening of offices in Perm


IBC Service Network becomes a full service recruitment and business travel agency
IBC Human Resources runs the service of staff assessment through the "Assessment Center" method


IBC Service Network enters the market of business education. Launch of IBC Business Education


Expansion of IBC Service Network's business travel activities in all of Russia and the CIS


IBC Service Network contributed to the formation of the staff of AT&T Xerox and Pepsi International Bottlers, which had decided to run a business in the Urals